The Story

You know how it goes: You open a bottle of wine with dinner, drink a glass or two, then cram the cork back inside in a futile effort to save the remainder for next time. Or maybe you have a drawer full of preservers, but the wine seems to oxidize before you can find a spare gas canister or figure out how to work that pump you bought that one time.

It's a frustratingly common scenario, and one that drove Oxbox's inventor and founder, Tristan Martin, half mad before he decided to fight back.

A basement winemaker and lifelong tinkerer, Tristan took to his garage and called on tools and techniques from his day job as a dentist, and from his various hobbies and interests in chemistry, auto mechanics and mechanical engineering, and came out with a system that prevents oxidation and keeps wine fresh for weeks.

A woodworker at heart, Tristan wanted Oxbox to look as gorgeous on the outside as it was smart on the inside, so he handcrafts each one from sustainably harvested American black walnut.

After two years of testing, filing of patents, and sourcing of food-safe, bpa-free and pthalate-free materials, Oxbox is ready to revolutionize the way you enjoy wine.

Tristan made his first prototype as a birthday gift for his girlfriend, a food and wine writer. She loved it so much she married him.

We think you might love it too.