How It Works

If you've ever wanted to marry the efficiency of a boxed wine with the quality of your favorite bottle, consider your dreams answeredOxbox is a smart and attractive wine preservation system that turns any wine into a boxed wine.

It's ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy a bottle of wine slowlyone glass a night or even one a weekwithout sacrificing freshness or flavor.

Simply pour your favorite bottle of wine into the reservoir, evacuate any oxygen with a quick and easy patent-pending process, and enjoy fresh wine by the glass at your leisure, savoring a bottle over days or weeks without oxidation.

Each Oxbox is handcrafted by inventor, designer and founder Tristan Martin at his home in the Pacific Northwest. He hand-selects each piece of sustainably harvested American black walnut for the best aesthetics and strength. Oxbox is more than a mightily handy kitchen applianceit's a fine furniture piece worthy of any dining room, wine cellar, tasting room or kitchen counter.