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How long will wine stay fresh in the Oxbox?
Oxbox creates an oxygen-free closed system that will keep wine as fresh as the first pour for weeks.

Will I need to replace the wine reservoir every time I use the box?
No, the wine reservoir is designed to sustain hundreds of uses. If a replacement is necessary the process is made easy with our in-home replacement kit.

Will I need to go through an evacuation process each time I dispense a glass of wine from the Oxbox?
No. Unlike many of the wine-preserving gadgets on the market, Oxbox creates an oxygen-free, closed system for the life of the wine, so you can dispense wine at your leisure without any extra steps between pours.

When I open a bottle of wine and pour it into the Oxbox, will that brief exposure to air damage the wine?
No. In the winemaking process, wine is transferred from one vessel to another multiple times (this is called racking), which exposes the wine to oxygen for brief periods. Pouring wine into the Oxbox is essentially like racking the wine one more time, and does not constitute enough oxygen exposure to degrade the wine. Oxidation is caused by prolonged exposure to a significant volume of oxygen, such as the air that typically remains in a wine bottle between pours. Oxbox creates an oxygen-free, closed system that protects the wine from oxidation from first pour to last.

Can I use my Oxbox for white wine too?
Yes. If you wish to store your Oxbox under refrigeration you will need approximately 7 1/4" (w) x 5 1/2" (d) x 16 3/4" (h) space in your refrigerator or cellar.

How much wine does each Oxbox hold?
750 milliliters, the volume of one standard wine bottle.

What material is the reservoir made of?
The reservoir is made of the same multi-layer barrier film that's the standard in the boxed wine industry, comprising layers of inert LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), nylon and EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol), with only the inert LLDPE making contact with the wine.

How should I clean my Oxbox between uses?
It's not necessary to clean the Oxbox between uses if you're refilling with another bottle of wine right away. If you will be storing your Oxbox for any length of time without wine in it, we recommend that you do a simple warm water rinse.

How should I maintain the black walnut finish on my Oxbox?
For long-lasting beauty and protection, we recommend polishing the wood periodically as you might with any fine furniture piece. We use Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish.